Sonoran Collection 2023

I am very happy to have completed the Sonoran Collection for 2023. There are 9 pieces in this collection.

For the past 3 years my family has been living in Tokyo, Japan due to my husband’s work in the United States Air Force. Therefore, a lot of my art has become influenced by Japanese themes, scenes, and gardens (which I absolutely love!).

Most of the art was inspired by floral colors that I would see in photos, and Japanese parks decorated with a wide array of tulips, wisteria, and the seasonal cherry blossoms. I also approached the paper with loose sketching. By “loose” I mean not having a vision of what I wanted to draw at the beginning of the sketch. Rather, I just let my hand start drawing in different directions until something popped out on the page. I would say 8/10 times this is how I draw my favorite work. It feels very free.

Nerikiri, decorative treat of rice cakes filled with bean paste.

The cute characters (animated cacti and animals) are inspired by photos of Japanese nerikiri, which is one type of wagashi – or traditional Japanese treat. Nerikiri is an art in itself. The attention to detail reminds me of professional pastry chefs and artists of that nature. Craftsmen use mostly their hands and some tools (like chopsticks) to mold, sculpt, and shape chewy mochi (rice cake) wrapped around a center filled with sweet bean paste. Nerikiri is often enjoyed with a cup of hot matcha (green tea).

So, yes, I created Sonoran images, but they are influenced by colors and shapes from Japan. I hope you like them.

The Sonoran Collection is full of cactus, succulents, and Sonoran landscapes and characters. I grew up in Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona. The colors in the sky during a sunset are serene, comforting, and best viewed in suburban areas or places with open views and clear spaces. I always loved catching a trail of quails following each other in the neighborhoods. During long walks I would notice all the shades of green, purple, pink, orange, gray and brown.

Sonoran Collection

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